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1000+ used cars to Yangon / 131 FEU shipments in March, 2012


We are pleased to inform that GTC ASIA’s container handling volume of used cars to Yangon, Myanmar amounted 100 in March, 2012. The total number of transported automobiles has exceeded 1,000 since last year.

GTC ASIA transported 131 FEU containers only in March and our monthly handling volume is extremely expanding. We expect more increasing volume in the future.

※ For more details, please refer below article from “DAILY CARGO, Kaiji Press Co., Ltd.” of Mar 29th, 2012
(Japanese version ONLY).

※ GTC ASIA’s container transportation service to Yangon is highly evaluated. Please see below to explore what you would benefit from using our service.

◎ Frequency: 4 shipments in a week; stable schedule and short transit time: around 20 days in total from Japanese main ports. Compare to RORO service / pure car carriers (PCC) that have less frequency and changeable schedule.

◎ Convenience: while other carriers call at inconvenient local ports, our loaded containers are discharged at Myanmar Industrial Port Ahlone Wharves and Asia World Port Termainal (where container handling volume is accounted for 40% of the whole Yangon port). The local transportation system is convenient around AWPT. Consignees can go to the port by public transportations, pick up arrived cars and run them on the way back.

◎ Cheaper cost per one unit: we load three automobiles together into a 40 feet container.

◎ Even less than three units, we can offer safe container transportation service with inexpensive ocean freight.

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※ Please consider using GTC-ASIA's FCL・LCL Consolidation / International Multimodal Transportation Service. We look forward to hearing your inquiry soon!

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