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The delivery of the large machine (26 tons, 6 meters in height), and shifting into the factory.


The large machine (26 tons in weight, 6 meters in height) delivered to Suwa-city of Nagano-pref via Yokohama Port from Belgium. It was transported by an container vessel with in a flat rack container to Yokohama port from Belgium. After unloading the container in Yokohama port, we unstuffed the cargo from the container to transport to the factory in Suwa city by truck. Because the freight of 6 meters in height could not run all transportation route by the headroom terms of the Road Traffic Act, we toppled the machine on the truck by the consent of the consignee, and it transported to the factory of Suwa-city.


Below mentioned photographs are scenery when the machine arrived at the local factory by truck on August 22, 2008. At first, having removed the outside wooden package of the machine, and we rebuilt (raised) the machine as normal which lay. And the machine was carried in the factory by using the special kolo called "the super roller".

After the unpacking at inside of factory sites, cause the machine which become horizontal by a crane:

Installing the machine on four super-rollers at the same time to raise it:
The machine of 26 tons is supported by four super-rollers only.
It moves in the factory while pulling the super-rollers:
The difference with the height of factory entrance is slightly a few centimeters:

Letting the passage of the entrance door succeed safely and could set it up in a factory.

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